Koffee With Karan – Priyanka Chopra revealed some Shocking things


Among the most talked about shows this time around is Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan season 5. With unusual pairings to spilling the beans, Karan has been able to manage to reveal some shocking secrets out from the celebrities. The recent episode had a Global star, Priyanka Chopra gracing the couch and PeeCee was at her witty best. She was quite bold enough and casual to speak upfront about her east and west journey. Let us look at some of the revelations made by PeeCee on the couch.


First ever Audition

To bag a famous film, every actor and actress have to first audition for the role. But it was quite shocking when Priyanka told that her first ever audition was for TV series Quantico. Yes, she has never auditioned for any role as filmmakers used to come with the script to her, and it was for her to decide whether to do a film or not.


Racist Encounter

Upon asked by Karan if she ever faced racism on the sets of Quantico or while shooting movie Baywatch. To which PeeCee told that she never had racism encounters on sets, but she had a couple of them and one of them she revealed on the show. It was during her flight off from Europe to New York. Priyanka wanted to use the loo, but the Air Host stopped her saying that the loo was only for First Class flying people and she should use the rear toilet at the back. The Air Host thought her not to be first class passenger going by her color brown, but after PeeCee had shown her first class seat, he had to apologize and let her use the loo.


Coffee shots revelations

In a segment with Koffee shots with Karan, there have been many revelations like engaging into Phone sex, taking a shower with a partner, kissing an ex after a breakup and much more.


American outgoing Men

PeeCee revealed that she had been hit by many in Bollywood as well as Hollywood industry. But there is a vast difference in the approach. Indian men are more cautious with taking baby steps to approach you, but men in the west are on the nose saying directly on the face to go on a date.


Apart from these shocking revelations, PeeCee also told that the insane love Indian fans have for stars is not the case in the west. Also, she is superstitious to reveal out her partner till she has a ring on her finger as “Nazar Lag jati hai.” Her experience working with Dwayne and hinting of his coming to India for promotions were also among the shocking revelations Priyanka made on the Couch.


Watch the teaser of the episode below

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