Mumbai Police trolled Shobha De for Mean Tweets

The bestselling author, Shobha De was trolled with boomerangs on her tweet on the weighty joke concerning fat-shaming Mumbai cops. The one who previously had opinionated about Rakhi Sawant, the Bollywood Crimson for her tweet has done it again. She has been showing her fondness for intricate controversies through her rapid Twitter posts. However, this time, the post being a bull’s eye over the Mumbai police, she got her facts off beam and rebuke by the Twitterati and Mumbai police for it.


Shobha De New controversy

Her post said, ‘Heavy Police bandobast in Mumbai today’ bantering the word ‘heavy’ and added a picture of an overweight cop. Her post did refer to the BMC Election held in the metropolis on Tuesday.


Shobha De Tweet about Mumbai Police

In return, she received massive critique and insult on her figure shaming endeavor. The Mumbai Police took a smart step and shut her down vividly. They called upon their action quite elegantly. They said the man tagged in the picture was not a Mumbai police member but belonged to Madhya Pradesh Police force. They said this was clearly noticeable from the badge on his shoulder. To the end, they also added saying they awaited better from proficient citizens like her.


Actual tweet by Shobha De


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