The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

The Ghazi Attack Movie Review and Ratings – Hit or Flop

The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

Not many war films are made in Bollywood nowadays, but the ones which are made has gained acclaimed always. The Ghazi Attack is one of the best war films Bollywood have encountered with.  Termed to be the first Underwater War film, The Ghazi Attack has to have the best ensemble cast seeking the mystery behind Pakistani submarine Ghazi’s sinking in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Although the movie is based on the historical events, the beginning disclaimer claims it to be a work of fiction so there are some fictional events shown in the film which might not have occurred actually during the war.  The movie claims the Ghazi submarine sinks in the Eastern Coast of India after it is attacked by the Indian S-21 submarine. You can get all Bollywood movies download from here.


The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

The secret mission is led by Captain Ranvijay Singh, played by Kay Kay Menon. After a long time, Kay Kay Menon is seen in a different avatar. Atul Kulkarni as Devraj, Second in commander and Rana Daggubati as intellectual officer Arjun forms the team to succeed in the secret mission. Pakistani Submarine Ghazi plans to attack India’s INS Vikrant to follow the sea route leading to East Pakistan    (Bangladesh). The story’s main plot starts when there creates a riff between these two submarines and how the Navy officers succeed in sinking the Ghazi submarine.

The Ghazi Attack hit or flop

The Ghazi Attack Ratings

Talking about the nuances of the film, then as an underwater movie, director Sankalp’s Reddy first project is surely hitting a point. It actually feels that the movie has been shot on an actual submarine and the war underwater is brewing. The movie is very much engaging, and you sit on your edge to know what happens next. Yes, the depth of each character is missing, but that can be bygone.


The Ghazi Attack – Hit or Flop

It is refreshing to see Om Puri back on screen and after his death; it is believed to be his first film released on screen. Atul Kulkarni has given a mature performance, but the star in the movie is Rana Daggubati. The Cinematography and the effects used are good enough to keep tight in the movie, but they could have been more appealing if the finesse was there. Taapsee Pannu plays the character of a Refugee, but it seems she is totally wasted in the movie. There is hardly anything to do with her in the movie. This movie will give tough competition to Rangoon for sure. Rangoon movie download term will trend in India very soon.


Final Words

Overall, The Ghazi Attack has managed to deliver a great film defying the water death scenes. It is worth a watch.

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