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Dobaara Movie ratings

Dobaara – See Your Evil Honest Review and Ratings

The movie Dobaara which released this Friday has been creating waves ever since. The movie is actually a pretty sleek supernatural thriller that captivates grips and haunts the viewer during and after the show. It is sleek in the sense that the movie is unlike any other Bollywood horror flick made until today. It has a tinge of freshness to it and an onslaught a creepiness that it manages to bring forward at ease. We say that because unlike other Bollywood horror flicks that just use cheap makeup for their ghouls and ghosts and eerie lighting, Dobaara manages to go past that prejudice for the viewer. It actually reminds the viewer of the Hollywood movie, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and that in itself is a huge task to accomplish. It has a few jump scares here and there, but the movie packs in a real deal of eeriness through its terrific actors and concept. The movie is, in fact, an official remake of 2013’s Hollywood horror Oculus and the writer-director of the original American film, Mike Flanagan, serves as an executive producer here. You can download full movie from here.

Dobaara review

A SNEAK PEAK – Basic Plot

Helmed by director Prawaal Raman and a cast of the effortless Huma Qureshi and her brother Saqib Saleem with the ever dependent Adil Hussain and Lisa Ray, the movie floats and effortlessly works mostly due to the cast’s acting prowess. The story initially revolves around a happy couple living in the UK, Alex Merchant (Adil Hussain) and Lisa (Lisa Ray). They then buy an old mirror one day, which is actually possessed. It is possessed by a woman, named Anna who was burnt, accused of practicing witchcraft centuries ago and hence her spirit lives in the mirror. This then turns into a thriller when Alex murders his wife and then gets killed the next moment. Cut to many years later, when Natasha (Huma Qureshi) and Kabir (Saqib Saleem), the children of Alex and Lisa are all grown up have now researched on the mirror enough to know about its evil nature. Natasha makes arrangements to destroy the mirror, which manipulates the minds of those who try to destroy it and hence protects itself.

Dobaara Movie ratings

CONCLUSION  – Final Words

The script seamlessly balances between the past and the present and is a gripping tale indeed till the unexpected end. The scenes of Huma cutting her mouth by eating a bulb instead of an apple, Adil reciting the lines taken from Bible spoken by the charming philosophical spirit, dancing wearing mascara prove to be groundbreaking moments in the film. All in all, Dobaara surely stands out for its unusual treatment and storytelling.

There were some glimpses of Huma Qureshi in Munna Michael movie trailer. She was dancing amazingly in it. She lost a lot of weight for that role in the movie. Munna Michael is inspired by small stories of struggling dancers in India. It’s getting a good response. We hope that it will do some good performance at the Box Office too.